Valves & Diaphragms

Sani-Tech West carries full line of valves, flow control equipment and diaphragms from GEMÜ, SVF CleanFlow™, Sani-Tech®, NTR™ Sample & Bleed Valves, and Newman NewFlo™.

Newman NewFlo™ Diaphragms
Precision fit NewFlo™ diaphragms for today's demanding pharmaceutical processing environments
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SVF CleanFlow™
Stainless ball valves engineered to meet the critical demands of a BPE-compliant, high purity piping system
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Sani-Tech® Non-Metallic Sanitary Valves
Non-metallic sanitary valves for most high-purity fluid applications
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NTR™ Sample & Bleed Valves
NTR Technology = No Tools Required provides easy assembly & disassembly
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